Monday, June 4, 2012

REVIEW: Slomotion

Hello readers!

Whew, it's been REALLY busy around here! I'm putting a few finishing touches on the formal 'announcements' regarding the pre-release specials for two of my newest books! I intended on having things ready two weeks ago but then that nasty virus hit my computer!

Mad props to my friend Paul Romhany for an outstanding issue of Vanish, the superb magic magazine - still can't believe it's free!

Also, an update on a recent review... I gave a strong review to Big Reaction by Andy Nyman, feeling the routine was just so strong. Well, I don't do a ton of close-up anymore, but this weekend I had a gig doing strolling magic for high school students! If you've ever performed for teen audiences, you know they can be VERY discerning and your material must be rock solid. I'm pleased to report that after 10 or so performances, this product has now moved into my "A" list of close-up effects! It fried everyone I showed it to. It's definitely on the short list of best products reviewed for 2012 at the end of the year!

On to this week's review: Slomotion! It's available for $49.95 from Hocus Pocus. Here's the ad copy:

It's BACK!


There is no doubt about it; it was the biggest selling item in 2011. Then, the production completely sold out and it became unavailable. Not a day has gone by when we haven't received numerous requests for this item. After working very closely with the manufacturer, we are happy to announce that SLOMOTION is BACK!

"I love this thing. Rarely, do I ever put a trick in my pocket to carry with me in the event of an "impromptu" performance. Now Slomotion is the only trick I have with me at all times."
- John Mendoza

It's another Hocus Pocus exclusive!

I am proud to announce that my good friend, Joe Litvinchuk, the owner of Phantom Magic, has chosen Hocus Pocus to be the EXCLUSIVE distributor for all Phantom Magic products.

His effect, Slomotion, is the cleanest version of Psychokinetic Energy we've ever seen! The performer uses a lifesaver and straw, both can be borrowed, and threads the lifesaver on the straw. Then, at the performers command, through apparent pyschokinetic energy, the lifesaver starts spinning. But, then the performer can stop the spinning at will and reverse the direction! When finished, the objects can be left behind, because everything is borrowed and completely examinable.

Perform using actual items found available in a live setting (coffee shop, bar, etc.) to confirm you are not using trick items; they are fully examinable. Spectators will not believe their eyes when they see this up close! Hands are shown empty before and after. This effect can be repeated immediately.

  • Perform wearing casual attire (no sleeves required)
  • No magnets, threads, or wires
  • All objects are borrowed
  • Instant reset; no set-up necessary
  • Perfect for close-up, walk around and street performers
  • You will perform immediately right out of the package
  • Easy to perform
  • No static electricity
  • Supplied with instructional DVD
  • Works automatically

    WHAT YOU GET: You receive the electronic gimmick, a wooden stir stick, a lifesaver, a carrying bag and DVD instructions.

    PRODUCT QUALITY: Thyis little bugger is certainly well-made, both the outer gimmick as well as the inner electronic part. When you see the 'outer' gimmick, you'll think, "Oh, of course" and I can report that the outer gimmick, at least to me, felt like a slightly more pliable, higher-quality version of this gimmick. Good stuff.

    QUALITY OF INSTRUCTION: The DVD is short and to the point. The lighting is adequate, and the angles clear. You'll have no problems performing this.  Also, the hand movements are entirely motivated and make sense, allowing you to show your hands empty with some nice displays. (Yes, the gimmick is hidden in plain site!)

    DIFFICULTY: As Paul Gross told me when I first inquired about this product early last year, you can practically do this out of the box, which is perhaps why I myself am having a bit of a mental hangup actually doing this!

    MY THOUGHTS: This works so easily that I haven't actually performed this yet - I have that foolish "magicians' guilt" thing going on as I constantly wonder if it will 'fool' people...which only goes to show you that even full-time pros have qualms about new material some time!

    Aside from my silly reservations, the only other issue with this is the noise - much discussion has been made of whether or not there is any noise. In the past, some people claimed there was quite a bit, others claimed it was silent. My unit was one of the newest from the 2012 re-release and there is a definite, low buzzing sound that if you are doing this one-on-one in a perfectly quiet room, your spectator will probably hear it...I know, because my wife did. She wasn't sure if the noise was the candy rotating against the stick or not, so that was going for it.

    I would say that if you're at a corporate function with conversations going around you or at a party of any kind, there's no way anyone will hear anything.

    I've been wanting to add one of the 'PK' effects of this type to my close-up set list and debated literally for the last year which to buy and I'm very satisfied with my I just need to get out and PERFORM it!

    RATING: In some ways, I'm know I'm very late to the party as this sucker has been an extremely hot seller, but as I only add something to my close-up set once every few years on average, I just didn't need anything...that being said, I think this is just terrific. I'm going to give it a rock-solid 8.5, only shaving a little off my score for the slight noise issue.
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