Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cause & Effects 3 is READY! and Review: Shock Treatment by Bobby Motta

Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce that Cause & Effects - Volume 3 is complete! All pre-orders will be shipping this Saturday to Hocus Pocus and then to you!

Also, I have decided to extend the "pre-release special" price through July 4th, so even though the book is shipping out, you can save $5.00 on it!

Take advantage of my insanity and save!!!

Also, I'm going to be sharing details on a complete course on a market that so many magicians reject, but if you get into it, with the right kind of show and material, the profit potential is HUGE! Stay tuned!

This week's review is something that's been out for a while but I haven't had time to fully digest the newer items on my desk. This week's review is...

Shock Treatment by Bobby Motta!

EFFECT: Though more of a tool and less of a routine, Shock Treatment is a modern, convenient-to-transport update of the old Shock Chair.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: You receive two seat cushions that look identical but one houses the electronics to 'jolt' a spectator during the routine. You also receive a wireless, keychain-sized transmitter and an instruction sheet.

QUALITY OF PROPS: This is REALLY well-made! The instructions are simple and straight to the point. With care, this will last years and years. What I also like is the fact that the gimmicked cushion has a secret hiding place where you can store the transmitter, eliminating the possibility of losing the transmitter. That's a great touch that I love.

DIFFICULTY OF PERFORMANCE: Just as the demo video shows, this is simply a push-button prop, so 'ease' doesn't begin to describe it.:) The big point I want to make is the fact that Shock Treatment is and should be regarded as a tool - sort of like a hammer or screw driver for a carpenter.

You'll need to develop a routine and once you develop a routine, all you have to do at your gig is borrow two chairs and put the cushions on them and you're ready to go, meaning Shock Treatment is a LOT easier than hauling out the old Shock Chair.

MY THOUGHTS: I never thought I would own a shock chair or anything like it because the only presentation I'd ever seen was where the 'comedy' magician (and I use that term loosely) would have a spectator sit in a chair..zap him...laugh as he stood up and get him to sit...zap him again....and on and on. Yuck.

Last year, I saw Bobby perform his show in Toronto, Ontario and it was brilliant - just a great show and I've lost count of how many times he fried me. Once he got to using Shock Treatment, I was really impressed because the routine made sense and it had nothing to do with 'zapping' anyone just for comedy. In fact, Bobby's routine was an example of serious mentalism. Great stuff.

Since he opened my eyes to some of the additional uses for such a prop, I bought it and am delighted with it.

MY RATING: I really think the prop itself deserves a 10, so it gets a 10...however, I will issue a word of warning: the props do not include the DVD with routines as advertised. It turns out there were some disagreements and conflict over some of the routines so Bobby was forced to pull the DVD. So, I will say it's a GREAT prop, but be forewarned that Bobby is unable to include the DVD.

It's STILL worth it.:)

NEXT WEEK: I just received Bobby's new Blackmail and I'm REALLY excited to review this as Bobby fried me with it in Toronto. He performed it several times for a large audience and it fried everyone - magicians, mentalists, laypeople, etc. Stay tuned!

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