Monday, September 10, 2012

REVIEW: Tricky Trashcan

Welcome back, dear readers!

I'm currently on the road, as School Season has 'kicked in,' so this week's blog will be a little brief. This week's review is one that I'm very excited to start using...

It's the Tricky Trashcan by Wack-O Magic. It retails for $229.00 from Hocus Pocus.

AD COPY: It's another Hocus Pocus exclusive.

Environmentally friendly magic!

This new concept and routine are about recycling or magic transportation!One for the older kids, one for the younger ones.

It comes with all the major props for TWO great routines!

It looks like a trashcan, but it's not just a trashcan! It's also the perfect utility prop!

The size isn't too big, (and it's not really TINY, that's just it's name,) it's JUST RIGHT at 10" x 10" x 14" high.

It's the ultimate family show Utility Device! It's not JUST a Duck's something that EVERYONE has seen before!!

It comes with TWO routines by Storyteller/Consultant Walt Anthony.

WHAT YOU GET: You receive detailed written instructions outlining two different routines - one for younger kids and one for recycling shows, preferably for older kids. You also receive two props - one for each routine. I'll kind of tip-toe around what each prop is, but suffice to say these props are NOT usual magic fare. You also receive the Tricky Trashcan itself, housed in a sturdy orange bucket to transport the prop. This is a nice feature, as it keeps the prop safe and protected!

ANGLES: As this prop is based on the same methodology as the Duck Bucket, you can rest assured that this prop can be used surrounded.

QUALITY OF INSTRUCTIONS: I'm often cautious about using the written instructions that come with a kid's prop in that they are often childish and include horribly outdated jokes and bits of business.

However, the two routines included in this prop are quite good. The younger audience routine is cute and charming and while the routine does NOT include any messages of recycling, the fact that the prop is a trashcan fits into the routine itself. The routine is charming and cute.

The second routine is strictly a recycling/conservation routine that gives a lot of good food for thought for grade school children. There isn't much humor in this routine, but that doesn't mean it's a bad routine...rather, it's thought-provoking. The routine may just be a bit on the advanced side for younger kids and my opinion is that this routine would best play, as written, for grades 3 and up.

However, a bit of adjustment can easily be made to use the routine for younger kids.

Interestingly, despite the fact that this prop is based on the classic Duck Bucket, neither routine talks about using live animals, so you'll have even more performance options.

QUALITY OF PROPS: The two props for the routine are good quality routines. The Tricky Trashcan itself is very nicely built and a good value for the investment. That being said, my prop did have a of the pop rivets on the hinges came out. It's going to be a quick enough fix, but it did irritate me a tad.

The trashcan itself is good solid and extremely well built otherwise.

OVERALL SCORE: I'll give this a rock-solid 9 out of 10. The prop and included routines are of high quality. I only take a point off because of the damaged pop rivet. Highly recommended!

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