Friday, August 3, 2012

SALE!!!! and REVIEW: Splattered by Peter Loughran

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Before I start this week's review, I want to take those of you who continue to make my three volumes of "Cause & Effects" books such great sellers. I never claim to be the most original guy in the world in terms of methodology but the fact that the books continue to sell like hotcakes tells me that folks like you appreciate well-tested real-world routines. Thank you!!

Also, I'm clearing out a few things. Good stuff, just stuff I'm not using. All items are in mint, unused condition and I'm selling them for 50% off the retail price plus shipping. Shoot an email to me if you're interested in any of these items:

The Moment by Christopher Taylor
Get Nyman set of mentalism DVDs by Andy Nyman
Slo-Motion by Joe Litvinchuk
Redonkulous by Anthony Lindan

On to this week's review: Splattered by Peter Loughran


WHAT YOU RECEIVE: You receive written instructions, the raised base, the exterior square to the apparatus, the inner decorative tube and of course the secret gimmick that makes it all work.

QUALITY OF EQUIPMENT: This is just about the BEST squared circle I've ever seen! Besides the uber-cool modernistic design Peter has given, I really love how he's added corner protection metal to the corners. This means that not only will the unit hold up well in day-to-day use, but it looks sleek and modern.

The raised platform, for me, really makes this an incredible value for two reasons: One, as noted in the ad copy, having the unit raised allows the audience to easily see underneath it, meaning spectators know instantly that the stuff produced out of the unit is not coming from a hole in the table. While I plan on using my unit on a thin table top, it's nice to know I can just set the piece on top of my regular working table and it will still mystify an audience.

The other reason I love the base is real-world practicality: when I am done performing the piece, I can easily get the whole thing out of the way without fumbling with the various pieces (both visual and hidden!). So, for real-world performers, huge thumbs up.

MY THOUGHTS: Honestly, I think some magicians are so jaded when it comes to the classics. So many of us - and I've been guilty of it many times! - are always looking for the next 'new thing,' but there's a reason why classics are CLASSICS.

The principle behind the Squared Circle is solid and can be done surrounded, meaning there are zero angle problems.

With that being said, I've never bothered to buy a squared circle because I never liked the cheesy designs on most, but I always liked the principle and when I saw Peter's design, just jumped on it.

MY RATING: Peter does it again! This gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from me. If you're familiar with the principle behind the effect, you know exactly what you're getting but it's so much more modern in terms of design and (this is big for me) durability. You won't be disappointed!

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