Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Product and REVIEW: Multiplying Rum Bottles by Reg Donnelly & Paul Romhany

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I'm very excited to announce my NEW product, my "Corporate Magician's Newsletter System." This is honestly something I've been using for several years. My thinking behind this System is the fact that once a corporate prospect contacts me, I have to do something to maintain contact with them over and over and subtly move the client to booking my services. It's been incredibly successful for me and now it can be yours.

All the details are here:

On to this week's review: it's the Multiplying Rum Bottles by Reg Donnelly & presented by Paul Romhany. Here's the link:

They are available from Hocus Pocus for $500. This week was going to be the beginning of the four week review of the Docc Hilford DVDs, but I decided not to wait on this item.

EFFECT: The classic multiplying bottles effect which starts out as a transposition of a bottle and a glass evolves or "devolves" into the unexpected production of a total of 9 bottles. For a kicker, two Coke cups are produced at the end.

WHAT YOU GET: You receive the 9 white 'rum' bottles, two tubes, an instructional DVD and two Coke "cups."

MY EXPERIENCE: I've been doing the multiplying bottles for about 12 years. For the first few years, I used what I would describe as a "starter" set that cost my around $90. It was two sets of nesting 4 bottles, so as you would imagine, the size difference between the smallest and largest bottle was more than I'd like. The fit was also tight, so the labels were scratched to hell in no time.

I upgraded to a set of 9 Harries bottles a few years later and the quality was fantastic. I loved those bottles and only replaced them because I'd dropped them a few times, so the bottles were bent and would jam from time to time.

QUALITY OF THESE BOTTLES: These new Rum bottles are of the same quality as the rum bottles. They nest together well but are not so tight as to cause the same problems as my 'starter' set. They are terrific. The tubes are metal, and thus are better quality than the mailing tube ones that came with my Harries bottles. So, this new set is an improvement.

The cups are a lot sturdier than I would have expected, so that was a nice surprise.

INSTRUCTIONAL DVD: In this DVD, Paul reveals the song he uses when performing with these bottles to music, so that's a nice presentational twist especially with the surprise twist of the Coke cups at the end. The DVD is very quick and basic, but as Paul contends, most people buying this set at $500 are pros familiar with the bottles' handling and therefore are comfortable with the effect.

THE REAL WORLD: Since I've been doing the Bottles for so long, I felt comfortable putting them right into my show a few days after I received the set. Quite simply, they handled great and the effect rocked as it always does. I also decided to buy these bottles because the white of the bottles really 'pops' from stage and helps the visual aspect of the effect.

RATING: Great quality props and the bonus of the Coke cups is a great kicker and added value. This gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from me and my highest recommendation.

Next week, I begin the four part Docc Hilford review!

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