Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hypno-Success With My Doctor & REVIEW: Imagine by G.

Hey, everyone!

I'm in New Jersey getting ready for a couple of school assemblies tomorrow as well as one of my highly profitable night time fundraiser shows! (Shoot me an email if you want the INSIDE SCOOP on profitable night time school fundraisers!)

On another, delighted, note...I had the opportunity to have my chiropractor as a recent client for my budding hypnosis clinic. This wonderful lady had a fear of heights or more specifically, roller coasters and water slides. It was something she felt compelled to conquer because her children really want her to join in the 'fun' at amusement parks.

Well, this past Saturday, I spent about 30 minutes with her and ran her through a few simple techniques. A few days later, she excitedly told my wife (also one of her chiropractic clients) that she felt NO fear going on those rides. She mentioned writing me a testimonial letter (which I will definitely need as my website will be going up soon.) and wants to see me again.

This is thrilling news for me, because while I like her a great deal, by her own admission she was skeptical of the whole process. This is just the shot in the arm I needed as I embark on this new venture!

On the magic front, I just received a link to a private video of a new product that is coming out very soon by none other than Puck & Scott Alexander. I'm really excited about this and can't wait to add it to my family shows. I'm being secretive, but as soon as I can I will spill the beans.:)

The latest issue of "Cause & Effects" (my free Ezine) will go out tomorrow, as I will be writing the issue tonight after I finish this blog entry. Sign ups are free by emailing me at

Also, a big THANK YOU to those of you who sent in your favorite routine/tricks for the middle school audiences. You can STILL receive a free digital copy of either Cause & Effects books (both sell for $24.95 each) by emailing me your favorite tricks for ages 11-14, or middle school grades 6-8 or so. (I'm building a second middle school show for repeat audiences).

On to this week's's Imagine by G. It's available for $24.95 at Hocus Pocus. Sorry, no link this week as my Internet service totally SUCKS at this hotel and I can't do much in terms of "searches."

THE EFFECT: A blank on both sides white card (it really is blank on both sides) is displayed, folded and signed by a spectator. They then hold onto the folded white card. The spectator is then allowed to choose a card from a deck of cards. They are asked to visualize that card...and when they unfold the card they are holding, the blank card is seen to have changed into the card they were merely thinking of! The card back and front is now the same as the thought-of card....and the signature is still there!

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: A nicely produced DVD which explains the workings completely. You'll need to provide the white blank cards and a deck of cards along with a Sharpie.

INSTRUCTION: This is well-thought out and the instruction is spot-on. What I like the most about the instruction is that you are given several possible sleight of hand options for accomplishing the work for this effect. I'm not the kind of person to invent new handlings of tricks, but I do like to tinker with things to make it fit me. This routine will make my own work much easier because I've found different ways to accomplish this.

Another thing I like about this is the fact that the camera moves - we the viewers are given different views, slo-mo shots and much more to make learning this much easier. This particular DVD is the perfect illustration of the fact that those close-minded twits who insist the ONLY way to TRULY learn magic is by reading books are completely wrong. I have no problem learning by reading, but to insist it's the ONLY way is dead wrong, as we are each individuals and there is scientific proof that people learn better differently depending on the needs of the individual...but I digress.:)

DIFFICULTY: Surprisingly, this is within my reach, which, when I first heard of the effect, was convinced I would forever envy the skill to pull this off. Happily, I see myself doing this in the near future. I'm not your typical card guy, but when the right effect comes along, I lap it up like a starving dog.

I'd say the difficulty of this is maybe a 3 or 4 out of 10. That being said, there are other variations on the DVD that are much more difficult from a sleight of hand view....maybe a 7 out of 10 (from my perspective).

ANGLES: Also surprising is the angles. Even though you can't do this surrounded, the angles are quite good and serviceable...which, again, means I can see doing this anywhere - close up or even parlor. It's not intended, I don't think, for parlor, but the visibility of the change from a totally blank white card to one that has a red or blue back and the black or red card face, well, I can see this playing for groups of 20 or so.

MARKET: I believe this is going to appeal to teens on up to adults. Kids under the teen age don't care as much about what happens to cards, but I can see the street guys jumping all over this and I can equally see restaurant and/or corporate guys enjoying this too. The signed aspect of the effect is what makes this so strong.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: As with any effect, there are drawbacks. Imagine is no different and here's one drawback...the reset on this will take a few seconds and the 'thought of' card is limited to 10 or so possibilities out of the deck, so if you're a restaurant table kind of guy, you're going to need to carry those particular cards with you. For someone like me who doesn't do a lot of close-up, no big deal...and if I were to do this in a parlor setting, I'd only need to set up once, so for me, this drawback is not a drawback at all.

As far as the get-ready, it's only a few seconds, but in a trade show or restaurant setting, even those few seconds of privacy might be a tad tricky depending where you are.

Nevertheless, even these minor drawbacks are not enough to make me drop this effect from my "to learn in 2011" list. I'll give it a solid 8 out 10. Solid stuff.

NEXT WEEK: Peter Loughran's Touch of Glass


Cris Johnson

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