Friday, November 12, 2010

UPDATE on Taste & The End

OK, this is not something I normally do, but I wanted to give you an update regarding Taste & The End. I received a message from Bobby in which he assured me that the loose screws problem I mentioned in my review of The End would never happen again, as after reading my review, he would make sure that locktite(sp?) would be used with each screw.

Regarding Taste, he also mentioned that to prevent scratches, the cups would be shipped wrapped for protection.

Honestly, the screws were no big deal to me - I chalk it up to vibrations in travel. The cups I expect to look a little used - adds to them not looking suspicious.

I really respect Bobby for responding to me review and addressing these items.

Honestly, I really dig Bobby's stuff and can't wait for the next release. And quite frankly, customer service like this is hard to find in magic.

Thank you to Bobby Motta for being such a fantastic believer in great customer service!

And now, because it's 1:00AM, I'm off to bed...I just got back from performing a late night college stage hypnosis show and I am BEAT.


- Cris

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