Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clear-View Airbornes IN STOCK! and SPECIAL Columns Coming Up!

Hey everyone,

A very weary Cris Johnson here...whew, school's back in session and therefore I am busy as heck once again. As many of you know, I am primarily a school guy. I do some corporate and some private parties, but at heart it's all about schools with me.

Here on the east coast of the U.S., schools started back up a few weeks ago after the summer break and I've been SLAMMED ever since, which is a great thing. It's just a little difficult to get back into the 'swing' of things after having a slow summer.

Some housekkeeping notes...

The new Clear-View Airbornes are NOW IN STOCK! I just checked in with Ken a few days ago and they all arrived safe and sound. I'm sure that those of you who ordered it have either received yours or will in the next couple of days. Don't let the simplicity in appearance fool you...several months of experimentation went into this to make sure that not only does the trick work great but it's also reliable and durable. We also tested different ways of packing it so it would ship safely.

In addition, if you've ever bought a floating glass effect of this type before but were put off by the crappy instructions, never fear because this comes with a CD-ROM for your computer so you can see it in action and it comes with an 11 page booklet outlining the history, development and performance of the effect.

Finally, the little rascal comes with a sturdy tube to keep your investment safe and in great shape for years!

You can read all about it here:

I also want to thank all of you who have made my Mother of All Predictions CD prediction effect and both volumes of Cause & Effects books of routines continued hot sellers. I'm truly touched.

You can check all three books out here:

Cause & Effects 2:

Cause & Effects 1:

Mother of All Predictions:

Finally, I'm going to use my blog space today to let you know of a few 'special events' with this space.

For the month of October, each week will be devoted to reviewing items of a 'spooky' or 'geek' nature in honor of Halloween! That's when so many of us tend to gravitate toward the strange and bizarre, so that's where I'll heading as far as effects that I plan on reviewing.

The last week in December, marking my one-year anniversary of this blog, will feature my 'best of' column. It will be a recap of the BEST stuff that I reviewed in 2010. This will obviously be highly subjective, as in the stuff I loved the most.

In the interest of giving myself a challenge, I will also restrict myself to stuff that I actually purchased in 2010. I bought a LOT of cool stuff this year, as I had a need for stuff due to developing new show themes as well as needing more effects for repeat audiences, which I'm doing more of.

Just as an FYI, next year I don't plan on buying nearly as much new stuff, so as a result, I will need more input from YOU, loyal readers, as to what you'll want to see reviewed.

Finally, I still plan on reviewing an item this week, but I am getting caught up o taxes...three weeks ago, BOTH my desktop AND my laptop computer died, so I've had to re-enter ALL of my receipts and financial information.

Before writing this blog, I've been at my desk working on taxes for about four hours and that was after I did a motivational show across the border in Canada, so I'm BEAT.:)

Check back here in the next few days as I'll try to get a new item reviewed.

Oh, and next month's free ezine of "Cause & Effects" will feature a really neat yet simple technique to drastically increasing the likelihood of getting hired for that gig. I'll outline how I used it to land an obscure gig recently and I will detail why it worked, what not to do and much more.

If you haven't signed up already, send an email to:

Until next time...

Cris Johnson

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